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    Quote Originally Posted by SBGK View Post
    well, one reason is that I would have to spend $2000 on an Empirical Audio offramp to better the sound I have with the settings I have with the Touch. As you have never tried my settings I presume you are speaking from ignorance and making a cheap jibe to get a quick laugh from your cotterie.

    So Jeff, why the need for personal attacks on my efforts to improve the sound of the Touch ?
    It wasn't a personal attack, just good solid advice on how you might get better sound out of the Touch! You like tinkering, I thought you might actually give it a try.

    How do you know what you would have to spend to sound better than the stock SPDIF out of the touch if you haven't tried any of the Async USB to SPDIF devices? You assume you need the most expensive device with the turboclock upgrades, I think you might give yourself too much credit.

    PS) the OFFRamp 5 won't work with the touch, it has vendor provided drivers.

    I've also tried your last setting before the TT 3.0 thread got closed, they sounded worst than TT 3.0 with the default logitech priorities in my system. You always accuse people of not trying but in this case, sorry! But of course now my system isn't resolving enough or just crap compared to yours, I guess.

    All the above said, I see you've set your mind to the fact that no asynchronous usb to spdif device will sound as good as your mods. You are now going to hear just that no matter what...
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    Could a moderator please close this thread? It does unfortunately not lead anywhere.

    Could a moderator please close this thread? It does unfortunately not lead anywhere.

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