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    Discounted Controllers / Duets available in UK

    Superfi (link) have a limited supply of deeply discounted Duets and Controllers at the moment. Whether you think they are "cheap" depends on whether you thought they were expensive or not at their full price. At £75 I think the price for the Controller is good value. Its original price of nearly £200 was way over the top - particularly as you could get an iPod Touch for about the same amount.

    No idea where they are getting them from, but I have picked up a second Controller to use if/when my current one bites the dust.

    I prefer to use the iPod Touch and iPeng but, in a house with three kids, it is rarely where I left it! I can pretty well guarantee that the Controller is either in its charger or nearby as it cannot be snaffled to play games on.
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    the same offer for the discontinued SBController in Denmark http://www.logitech.com/da-dk/specia...t/devices/4097 for DKK 660 (£72, €88, $115)

    I think it is a good deal
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbrodersen View Post
    I think it is a good deal
    Definitely. In Norway, the cheapest Controllers I've seen have been ~ kr. 800 - secondhand.

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