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Thread: Mog -- issue

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    Mog -- issue

    Hi -- Anyone geting trhis one?

    Each time I try to use MOG -- Get an eror message "you need to configure your MOG account on mysqueezebox.com" I have a valid MOG account, and my account is configured on mysb.com...What works is deleting the MOG account on "my apps" at mysb.com, then re-adding my account, then MOG works. Then if leave MOG I get the error each time I try to use MOG again...But obviously its a PITA to do that all the time. Sent to support and they reckon it a known issue with MOG ??? dunno 'bout that...

    Fez........enjoying MOG though....

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    That happened to me 1 or 2 weeks ago, the first (and so far only, knock wood) time it has happened in ~5 months of MOG usage.

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