Please forgive this self-promoting cross post, but I've just added a new feature to the Server Power Control plugin which may be of interest to LMS linux users.

In prior versions, Server Power Control has had the ability to program a server's RTC wake alarm hardware so that suspended or hibernating servers were woken out of slumber in order to service Squeezebox alarms or scheduled library scans, etc. Now, I've added the ability for Server Power Control to parse the root contab and schedule system wake-ups based on events there too. MS Windows has had this sort of ability built-into the system event scheduler since (I believe) Vista. But I haven't known of a similar facility in Linux. Server Power Control now tries to fill that gap.

Example: say you've added the event:

0 2 * * 2 /usr/local/sbin/
..via # sudo crontab -e

..i.e. cron runs the script file every Tuesday at 2:00 am. SrvrPowerCtrl will now examine the crontab (via sudo crontab -l), determine when the next event will occur, and schedule a system wake-up for five minutes beforehand.

This option was actually pretty trivial to add. Abhijit Menon-Sen's Set::Crontab and P Kent's Schedule::Cron::Events do most of the heavy lifting.

If you're using SrvrPowerCtrl and you upgrade to this new version, please remember to re-run the setup script. This will add permissions in /etc/sudoers so that the squeezeboxserver user can list the root crontab via # sudo contab -l.