I run a Touch with my music on my home PC running LMS.

I also have a USB stick inserted which contains no music but does have pictures which I use with the slideshow feature on the Touch.

I used to be able to switch seemlessly between listening to music on by PC (My Music) and the Spotify App. Lately I have been selecting Spotify and getting "Cannot resolve IP address of mysqueezebox.com". If I then choose to Switch Library to "Adam's Squeezebox (USB)" then Spotify works. Then if I try My Music it is pointing at the USB stick which contains no music so I have to switch Libraries again.

I have put the Switch Libraries option on my front screen to make things easier. However, do I really need to do all this Library Switching or is something setup wrong - I am sure that I did not use to have to do this? Also I cannot see the connection between Spotify and the USB Library - surely they are unrelated?