Hi everyone,

I am seeing strange behaviour on my Squeezebox Duet. When I switch between my local Squeezecenter and my MSB account, the duet seems to still want to connect to SC - for instance when accessing MP3Tunes.
These are the steps to reproduce:
1) I connect my Duet to my local SC - fine
2) at some point I connect to MSB via Settings->Network->Connect to Mysqueezebox - fine
3) Then I go to MP3Tunes (or Favourites etc.) - then the screen says "connecting to squeeze-henne" (my SC)

I do not understand why it tries to connect to SC and also the connect often fails. It seems to me like the duet does not like to switch several times. It works again when I restart the controller.

Does anyone know this behaviour and has an explanation for it?

Thanks alot!