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    Recuring playback cut (re-buffering) and admin right problem with the 7.7.2 - r33893

    Since the upgrade i was experiencing playing cut (re-buffering).
    This during radio playback and library playback.
    At the beginning a reboot of the PC was enough.
    Time after time the cut was happening more and more often.
    Since 2 days, the reboot of the PC wasn't solving the Issue.

    I also had the admin right problem.

    I installed the nightly 7.8.0. everything was working right expect the fact than the full library scanning was looping.

    So I installed back the 7.7.1 and everything is now OK (one hour for now)

    Maybe useful to someone else or to dev people

    C U

    Edit : now 3 hours without problems
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