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    Can't rescan music library due to missing admin rights on 7.7.2

    The german error message on top of the console reads this:

    "Sie haben keine Berechtigung, Hintergrunddienste zu installieren oder zu starten/stoppen. Bitte starten Sie dieses Tool aus dem StartmenŘ mittels der rechten Maustaste als Administrator"

    ... which, of course, doesn't work either.

    Searching for new and changed files works btw, deleting the database and doing a complete re-search does nothing except close the console.

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    If you use Windows, try this trick from Bob :

    "In Windows 'Start/All Programs' menu find the 'Logitech Media Server' folder and open it. Right click the 'Control Panel' app and select 'Open file location'. When the location folder opens up create a desktop shortcut - look at properties on the shortcut, select the compatibility tab and select (tick) 'Run this program as administrator'.

    If you run the LMS Control Panel from this shortcut Windows UAC will ask permission to run it but the red text should be gone. This is how I got around the issue.

    Hope that helps


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