I created a playlist with 5 songs. The synchronization produced a Logitech server playlist with 3 songs.

At first I thought this was because I made a new Amazon MP3 download folder, which was being excluded from the playlist scan. I took care of that problem, but then I noticed that the two songs which are not being synced are indeed in the "primary" itunes media folder, where all the other music is.

Then I thought this must be a file-type issue. Nope, they are the same file type(s) as those that are being included. Then I thought "I must need a server update." I did indeed update the logitech server, but after a wipe and complete resync - same problem.

The funny part is that after many re-sync attempts, I did briefly achieve a playlist with 4 songs...one of the two missing ones showed up! But after I added the Amazon MP3 folder and re-synced, it disappeared and I was back down to three songs in that playlist.

Why on earth would some songs simply be no-shows in this affair?