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    Topping TP31 amplifier

    I've been looking to replace my enormous Denon AV amp with a single source class-T amplifier as the only thing I feed it with is my SB3.

    Looking at the Topping range, the most affordable one that has a digital coaxial connection is the TP31 ($150), all the rest have RCA analogue inputs only.

    Is it worth bothering about wanting a digital feed from my SB3 or at this price point would I not notice the difference with that and the SB3's analogue outputs?

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    why downgrade the amp ? is space so dear ?

    Cheap class-T amp's are a bit hyped to be "audiophile" nah

    "Speaker power output: 15W x 2 (4 ohms, 10% THD), 9W x 2 (4 ohms, 0.03% THD), 10W x 2 (8 ohms, 10% THD), 6W x 2 (8 ohms, 0.1% THD) IHF-IM Distortion 0.1% @ 1W, 4ohm"

    will 6w of not so clean power drive your speakers ?
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