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    have a look in /etc/init.d
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    I doubt that 2 instances of LMS could be running as there is only one port 3483 and the startup of 2nd one would stop when it tried to get port 3483 and this fault would be an entry in the log.

    A few years ago I had an issue with SBS with high CPU which turned out to be a Javascript debugger in the browser making SBS refresh the screen and regenerate web pages v. quickly.

    Could the burst be "normal" - a system with consistent 40% CPU may have a process which is hogging some resource that LKMS uses and when LMS tries to poll you end up with a system thrashing with both processes competing. To test this theory - find the "other" high CPU user and stop it.

    I suggest make sure that the problem really occurs with nothing connected to LMS - so this means disconnect power from players (not playing still results in net traffic) and shut down browser. Then stop LMS and restart LMS and use netstat to make sure there are no hanging network connections.

    If CPU burst reoccurs then open a LMS window using a different type of browser such Konqueror, Chrome etc. (to ensure no stale cache or interfering cookies) and enable LMS logs for "server" to see what it is doing - perhaps also enable logging such as preferences which writes at regular intervals.

    If CPU burst does not reoccurr then you know it is related to a player or the browser. Check if player related (e.g. due to bad net connection) by plugging in each player one at a time and see if CPU burst happens.

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    Yeah, me too.

    I'm bumping this as I have had this issue since Kubuntu 10.04 (now at 12.04). Mine isn't as severe as the OPs, but Squeezeserver is definitely taking far more than its share of CPU time. If I sort by CPU time under htop, LMS comes in at number 6, even in front of the window manager. The system is noticeably, but not hugely, faster if I stop the SS from the command line.

    Dualcore 2Ghz system with 2G ram, running Kubuntu 12.04. Typical idle while surfing and using Clementine to listen to music in the background is under 10%. System is not scanning music folder. I have no plugins and am using LMS 7.7.2 - r33893

    Now, here's something interesting, I just looked at the LMS log file and see this:

    /usr/share/squeezeboxserver/lib/Log/Log4perl/Logger.pm line 900
    2012-05-16 19:19:42 Logitech Media Server died. Restarting.
    [12-05-16 19:19:43.5750] main::init (354) Starting Logitech Media Server (v7.7.2, r33893, Wed Mar 14 05:46:46 PDT 2012) perl 5.014002
    [12-05-16 19:19:43.7058] Slim::Networking::UDP::init (39) FATAL: There is already another copy of the Logitech Media Server running on this machine. (Address already in use)
    [12-05-16 19:19:43.7061] Log::Log4perl::Logger::and_die (868) Warning: FATAL: There is already another copy of the Logitech Media Server running on this machine. (Address already in use) at /usr/share/squeezeboxserver/lib/Log/Log4perl/Logger.pm line 900

    This happens about every five seconds, constantly. How do I fix this?

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