I have taken it up with the tech people at WCSB, and here's an email
from them (He seemed to think I was trying to play the stream back on
my Mac but I set him straight there):

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Bob Delchin <bdelchin (AT) wcsb (DOT) org>
> Date: 31 October 2004 1:31:29 am BST
> To: Oscar Marsh <oscarmarsh (AT) fusemail (DOT) com>
> Subject: WCSB 128k stream
> So you're saying even with Streamripper it successfully rips, but when
> you play it back all you get is popping? Barring a software
> misconfiguration on your end, the problem might be that Mac does not
> like our mp3 encoder. Unlike other Shoutcast stations that stream
> local mp3s or radio signals encoded with LAME, we use a 6-7 year old
> beta-test model Audioactive Encoder. Here's a picture if you want to
> take a look at it:
> http://www.audioactive.com/products/...c/rte_ovw.html
> We have Shoutcast set up so all it does is relay the mp3 signal we
> receive from that box, so if we do have a corrupt signal it's probably
> because of what that old box is sending out. Now with that said,
> you're the first person who has ever had a problem with our stream
> (but then again, we don't get too many Mac users). Since you said you
> got it working with iTunes, you could try this from slimp3 tech page:
> *snip*

goes on to list the steps for playing the SlimServer stream on a

Can anyone confirm that streams encoded using the Audioactive box are
broken on SLIMP3?

Oscar Marsh
jabber: ojmarsh (AT) amessage (DOT) at