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    upgrade & mysqueezebox questions

    Hello, i have 2 questions

    QNAP TS219 with SBS 7.6.1 (QPKG)
    all mp3 reside on QNAP
    1 SB Radio
    1 SB Duet

    1. can i play an internet radio station without starting the QNAP (handy when i want to listen to a radiostation for 10 minutes in the morning without starting the QNAP)
    2. Everytime i want to play an internet radio (and connect to mysqueezebox.com) an automatic upgrade screen pops up (and i don't want to upgrade for the moment as i want to stay on the same version as my QNAP 7.6.1 QPKG)

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    You can listen to radio stations using mysqueezebox. But as you are running an older server version on your QNAP you will get this upgrade warming everytime you switch. You can skip the upgrade message by pressing the back button for a few seconds.
    I believe that one of the goals for LMS 7.8 is to improve this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hofstede View Post
    I believe that one of the goals for LMS 7.8 is to improve this.
    But, of course, the OP would have to upgrade the QNAP to see the benefit of the improvement... :-)

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