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    How to Update Firmware on Squeezebox v3

    Hello, I'm already an owner of a squeezebox duet and squeezebox radio, and I'm currently running the Logitech Media Server. I recently picked up a Slim Devices Squeezebox v3, and plan to run it from the same server. The person I purchased it from hadn't used it in 2-3 years and it has a fairly old firmware installed. In setting it up, I've been able to get the wireless connection established, but it's wanting to connect to SqueezeNetwork or the SqueezeServer. It won't connect to my Logitech server, and I think it's due to the old firmware. But the only way I can find to update the firmware is to be connected to the server? Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Even if you were to allow that connection to go ahead, it ought to update itself. Unless it just says it can't find the Squeezenetwork)
    During the setup phase you should have the option to connect to mysb.com as well, which would upgrade the firmware too.
    Are you able to go through the setup anyway? If you can, then you should get some more options to connect to other sources...
    Can your Duet controller "find" the new classic?
    When you go to mysb.com, does the sb3 show up there?

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    On the SB3 press & hold the BACK button (left arrow) on the remote, then scroll to "Connect to xxxx server". Did the previous owner delete the player from www.MySqueezeBox.com?

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