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    Quote Originally Posted by Man in a van View Post
    Edit: I'm suggestioning that you should connect the touch and dac with a usb2 cable and reboot the Touch (with the dac powered on).

    You should then see the dac in the output list, select it and the Touch will reboot and install the kernel for the dac.

    Then choose the option for digital only (if that is what you want)

    I think a handshake is needed between the dac and touch for 192kHz.

    Ignore most of the stuff below


    If you see only "Digital Output" at #6, the dac has not been identified.

    You should see the option to select the dac as output, when you do, the Touch should reboot.

    Things to check:

    Is the dac powered on

    On the touch; go to Settings > Advanced > scroll down to software update > you may have a choice of software

    Reset the Touch and go through the procedure again; If you connect to mysqueezebox.com, check and select the offered software change

    Then install EDO (it should be available at step #2), Aafter installation, again check for a software update (is should offer lms or mysqueeze)

    It's all a bit tedious I know

    There is no guarantee that it will work

    There was link to a spreadsheet with details of working dacs but that seems to have been deleted ?

    The spreadsheet is still there but seems to have pages missing.

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    The USB cable was indeed the key. Turns out the Oppo can only do 24-bit/192-kHz through the USB.

    Much obliged!

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    Solution: Missing Digital Output and EDO saying reinstall

    Quote Originally Posted by Winder View Post
    Hello All,

    I have 4 SBTs and I know I am late to the party, but decided to install EDO to access 192K material.

    All SBTs are at 7.8....xx version

    After going to App Gallery>3rd Party Apps etc, and installing EDO they all only reboot once and then seemingly that's it - they don't install a kernel and do the second reboot - and nor is EDO active.
    In the Apps Gallery the EDO applet is listed as Re-Install - not Un-Install - so I assume it has not installed as evident above.
    I then try installing the Kernel Updater in the Apps Gallery and that too ends up in a 'Re-Install' state.

    I have of course tried then re-installing EDO but of course the status quo remains.
    This happens on all 4 SBTs.

    I have done a full factory reset - upgraded to 7.8 - that all goes well and all SBTs upgrade to latest firmware.
    I am logged into Squeezebox.com in LMS.

    If anyone can help in this regard it would be greatly appreciated.

    Just had a similar problem running the 8.0.community firmware and the original 7.x Logitech ones on my Squeezebox Touch where there was no Digital Output menu option or message about EDO on the boot screen. So just In case anybody else has a similar issue like the above with the reinstall state and missing Digital Output page, it also turned out to be a networking issue but not firewall related (my guess is the DNS response might be a bit too slow). In my case the touch is connected to a secondary router via Ethernet which is in WiFi bridge mode and for whatever reason that seemed to stop it consistently being able to download the applet properly. I connected it directly to my main router, selected reinstall and it then downloaded the applet rebooted and downloaded and installed the kernel then prompted for the Digital Output destination.

    Hope this helps someone in the future

    Third time lucky as I accidentally deleted two of my posts for this whilst trying to fix typos on my phone. The original problem one and then the first version of the above. Sorry if anybody has started reading either

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