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    Not sure what happened but LMS did some update and now I've lost EDO. EDO has been working fine for the past 5 years connected to an arcam DAC via USB.

    I've factory reset the SBT and when I go to load the EDO I get a "EDO kernel update failed" message. The EDO splashscreen does not appear and if I have the USB connected the SBT goes into a boot loop. If I disconnect the USB I get a system error has occurred message. I've gone through this factory reset, reload EDO about 10 times with the same result, "EDO kernal update failed". Any ideas as I'm out of them...

    Running 7.8 SBT and 7.9 LMS
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    @ CAK1

    Maybe an error with SorceForge (I think Ralphy keeps the files there)

    When you reset the SBT, go to Setting > Advanced > Update (I'm going from memory here) and reinstall the Firmware for the standard kernel (the lower number one).

    Then factory reset again and then try to install EDO, if successful you can install/update the new firmware for the changed kernel

    I don't know how a change in LMS can effect EDO on the SBT, maybe just a coincidence (or my ignorance)

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    IIRC The kernels used to be on Triode's googlecode but when that shut down they were moved to sourceforge, Ralphy or Michael curated them. Since it is 5 years perhaps you have old URL somewhere. I don't know how the URLs for the kernel were setup - if like an normal Touch App then I think they should be OK as they are are routed from mysqueezebox.

    What does the Touch log say ? perhaps you can enable more detailed logging.

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    Well, gave it one more shot and was able to download the Kernal, all is good now! Don't know exactly what I did, did the same thing as the last several attempts but I'm not complaining. Thanks guys.

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    EDO is no longer hosted on sourceforge.

    Moved it to sdf.org a while back.

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    Just added the Schiit Audio Modi 3 to the Google Sheet. 192/24, no hub required, no external power required.
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