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Well iI have tried downloading the kernel update (did not expect that work,obvs)

and connected the SBTouch via passive usb hub; that did not work.

Replaced the Touch with a rpi3b+ running pCP v 6.1.0 squeezelite and that worked without a problem.

Remember the EDO is not guarenteed to work with all dacs and as there is no developement of the Applet, it is what it is

OK, now I have tried my picoreplayer running pCP 7 and that just works at all sample rates and DSD. I have picoreplayer connected to USB and the Touch connected to Coax and switching between them I can't tell the difference.
DSD works on WiFi on the picoreplayer.
So do I use the Touch on coax or the pCP on USB or synchronise them and use the Touch as a now playing screen?
Did you really have your DAC switching between sample rates when using USB from the Touch?

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