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    Cant't edit Tidal favorites from LMS

    Okay, this is driving me crazy, After trying Roon software, Roon added over 400 albums to my favorites under Tidal app.
    Now I have benn trying to get raid of those albums, without success.
    I have since uninstalled Roon.
    When I log into my Tidal account, I only see about 50 albums under my favorite albums, but on the LMS it shows over 450 albums.
    I tried to uninstall and reinstall LMS 7.9, but no success. I am out of options, please help.

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    Tidals own app or website ?
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    Tidal app, within LMS.

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    Never mind, I got it. Have to log in the tidal web player, and then it shows on all the other tidal apps as well, from which I can enter or delete, favorites.
    Too bad we can't to that from within the LMS.
    Tidal app is very limited with the squeezebox touch.😖

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    I miss that function from LMS Tidal too, the ability to add a given track playing from Tidal within LMS to the official Tidal "favorites" list. Essential. Same as "my mixes", also missing.

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