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    How does the Touch sync the system time?


    I'd like to know how the Squeezebox Touch keeps the system time in sync. Does it do any automatic synchronization at all? Does it pull the time from a connected local server? Does it use NTP?

    The reason I ask is that I have put my Touch in an isolated network, where it doesn't have internet access anymore and can only connect to a Logitech Media Server hosted on a different subnet. Nevertheless, I would like the time on the Touch to stay in sync. I found an msntp binary on the Touch, but it doesn't seem to run as a daemon. I could easily add a startup script to have it run at the start an pull the time from a local NTP server, but if the Touch already gets the time from the Logitech Media Server installation, this wouldn't be necessary, of course.



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    I guess you'll find out soon enough.. I think it takes time from LMS though.

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