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    7.7.2 > 7.7.1 >7.7.2 and connectivity problems

    Having a bit of problem with a SBT. The other day it prompted me to update to 7.7.2. After doing so I was unable to find my SBT on the controller or setup online at (Logitech Media Server) where I controlled my SB. So I went to MySqueezebox.com and the remote there works but now I can't even connect to the http:///127. site. So now I can access my SBT and music files with the remote at MySB.com but can't play Pandora. If I go back to the actual SBT it asks me to download the old 7.7.1, then Pandora works through my network but not my music files on my computer. Switch back to my music library and it asks me to update to 7.7.2 and then the computer files are accessible but not Pandora.

    Seems I can only choose one or the other, not both and whenever I try to switch between the two audio sources it asks me to either upgrade SB software or downgrade. I'm assuming this is a glitch in the SB software and I did read something about this on this forum with respect to Windows OS but I'm running Mac 10.5.8 on a MacBook Pro.

    I realize I'm a SBT neophyte (heck, I bought it to play music from my external hard-drive/backup not knowing it had to be setup for Windows without partitions to do that) but what am I doing wrong? I also took the free upgrade to Pandora1 before realizing it won't play the higher-resolution files through SBT. I love the SBT but the limitations I'm finding have me using it only for internet radio instead of the reason I bought it in the first place as an interface between my analog system and my lossless library on my Mac and external drive.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    What version server?

    I had a problem with my controller not updating to 7.7.2 even though I had updated my server software. If I connected the controller to Mysqueezebox.com it would upgrade but as soon as I tried my local server it would go back to 7.7.1 even though I had upgraded the local server. I just kept after it until it finally took. Though I did find this thread


    The solution seems to be a cache problem which you can clear in the control panel under the advanced tab in clean up down at the bottom. I just kept on reinstalling 7.7.2 and eventually it took.
    That should resolve your problem and then you can access both your local files and Pandora from the controller. I just upgraded to Pandora One so I didn't have to hear the commercials. I had waited 2 years for them to upgraded their stream but just gave up.
    This thread actually ought to be in the Logitech Media Server forum.
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    The fact that you are using a Mac and not Windows is not significant. This is not to criticize but the address you wrote in your post, is known as the loop back address and is sometimes used as a tool to discover whether TCP/IP is loaded properly. It cannot be the address of your Touch or the machine running the music server.

    If you hold the power button on the back in for a count of around 10 seconds or so the Touch will reload its factory settings and then you can redo your setup choosing My Music, it should locate your local server. Sometimes it helps to bounce the router to clear old addresses that may be messing things up.

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