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    Rsync helper script

    If you're like me, your aging neurons can't hold all the myriad rsync options that make it such a powerful utility. In fact, I find rsync's syntax so counter intuitive that I usually have to spend a half-hour consulting the man page every time I use it.

    In an attempt to make rsync more usable for myself, I've written a shell script front-end that uses Windows robocopy.exe like syntax and then translates that into rsync syntax.

    Example, using this script, the simple command:
    # robocopy -s /mnt/Media/Music /mnt/MediaNew/Music '*.flac'
    ..i.e. copy all the flac files from one directory tree to another..gets translated into and then executed as the following rsync command:
     rsync --links --perms --times --group --owner --devices --specials --stats --progress --verbose --prune-empty-dirs --recursive --include='*/' --include='*.flac' --exclude='*' '/mnt/Media/Music/' '/mnt/MediaNew/Music'
    This script is a work in progress. Please let me know in this thread if you find it useful, if you've found bugs --AND-- if you have any code corrections / additions.


    20120405 update:

    Fixed --maxage=, --minage= selection.

    Ok, finally figured out how to attach a file with the new forum tools.
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