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    New SBT Owner - Trouble with playlist

    Hi All,

    I received my SBT few days back. This is my setup

    1)SBT connected to external HDD through USB
    2)Connected through wi-fi to home network/internet

    Now I have my song collections in the HDD like


    These playlists were created in my laptop using winamp media player connected with the same external HDD.

    These playlists are accessible from SBT through
    mymusic-->music folder-->songs-->playlists

    However when I touch the palylist, it does not play anything.

    I created a playlist through SBT and opened the file through ssh to see how playlist is created by SBT. Playlist was created with full path like


    I opened one of the playfiles created by me using winamp and modified the path similar to the one created by SBT.

    Now when I click the playlist (created through winamp and modified similar to SBT playlist), it shows "Empty".

    I browsed through web for solution, where there is lot of reference about rescan library. But dont know how to rescan the library in SBT.

    I need help in resolving this playlist problem.

    Thanks in advance.


    K. Jeyaraj

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    Quote Originally Posted by ukjeyaraj
    These playlists are accessible from SBT through
    mymusic-->music folder-->songs-->playlists
    Have you tried using

    My Music > Playlists


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    Tried mymusic-->playlists

    Play list created in SBT appears and plays properly.

    So copied playlist created by me in winamp(also suitably modified like SBT playlist) into the mymusic-->playlists folder and tried once again.

    Playlist appears in the screen, but when selected just shows "Empty"

    How to rescan library in SBT connected to external HDD.

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    It sounds as if you have your HDD connected directly to the Touch ? LMS is installed on the HDD ? If so, turning off the Touch and restarting it will cause it to rescan your music library.

    You mention it is connected via wi-fi to your home network. Given that you have a home network it will all function more easily and you will have more options as well if you attach your HDD to your computer and install LMS on that. In this situation you would open the control panel, in the status window there are buttons for rescanning.

    Let us know your progress and welcome to the forum !

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    You are right. I have connected the external HDD directly to STB. But I have not installed anything on the external HDD.

    I can connect this HDD to my laptop and install LMS in my laptop, but I dont want to keep my laptop on whenever I want to listen to music. (at times my parents will listen to music). That is the reason I connected external HDD directly to STB.

    After switch off and on, STB scans the library, but it still keeps the playlist "Empty". I really dont know what I miss here. I never thought getting playlist will be so tricky. Any tips will be very very helpful.

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    Sure about the paths ?

    Linux is case sensitive so if the file and folder names don't match exactly it's not going to work .

    Are you familiar with ssh and some Linux ? I would log on to the Touch and investigate the file permissions on your playlist versus the ones created by the Touch and open the files on the Touch itself with vi or cat to se what they look like .

    To enable remote acess settings > advanced > remote login .

    On windows putty is a popular terminal program on Mac or Linux just open any terminal.

    ssh root@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx replace the x..... With your Touch's ip
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