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    Two receivers - same fault - no audio

    I've had a wired system with 2 receivers working fine for a couple of years.
    Suddenly one receiver died - remote wouldn't connect, and server couldn't see it via wired connection.
    In selftest mode (button down at startup), I get the multicolour LED flashing, but no audio tones. I've scoped around the DAC, and there is no clock or data of any sort going into it. There is also no output from the digital coax output.

    I've checked that the 1.2 and 3.3v supplies are OK and clean.
    I do see the same brief blinks on the RJ45 LEDs as I see on my working unit.
    When started normally (not selftest mode), the LED stays on flashing red and I don't see them in my router's DHCP client table. The RJ45 orange LED comes on but I see nothing on the green

    I got a second unit from Ebay, and this appears to have exactly the same problem - is there a common known fault ?
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    Flashing red usually means that they are awaiting to be set up via the controller. At this stage I don't think they will have even contacted your router for an IP address.

    Can you factory reset the controller and go through set up?
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    yes they seems to be in the factory reset status as they are after a reset .

    A factory reset is done by a long press on the button Then it first flashes fast red then slow red .

    So a new setup with the controller, then they will show on the network
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    An additional factory reset appears to have got the ebay unit to at least pass the selftest tones - I think I'd previously impatiently interrupted it whilst it was reprogramming the CPLD, which explains the lack of audio.
    Still not able to connect to it, but will have a further play later.

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    Just gone back to my original unit and did another factory reset and now seems to be working again..!
    I think what did it was that it appears that if you start a factory reset on the receiver, you must let it finish otherwise it leaves the CPLD misprogrammed.

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