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    Linear psu vs. Individual rails

    Guys, I am about to (further) mod my SB receiver.

    So far, I am feeding an external clock to the SB, and using direct i2s out to my dac.

    Next step is to improve the power supply. My question is whether it is worth it to supply clean voltages to each individual rail (1.2v, 3.3v, (5v)), or whether it is good enough to supply a clean 9v to the main supply (using the onboard regulation)?

    I am not using the complete analog stage, the dac, nor the wifi...

    Secondly... I believe that nothing uses the total 9v, correct? All voltages are regulated, so I could supply 10v as well... (I have a spare 10v supply).

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    If you go the multiple regulator route you need to pay great care with your grounding scheme or you could well end up making things worse. Grounding in digital supplies is critical and any stray ground currents can really mess things up. The existing board will have been designed with this in mind. Adding regulators without care could well spell trouble.

    If I were you I'd first change the main supply and see what effect that has. If you then go on to do the individual regulators you will at least have a reference point for comparison.

    The ten volt supply "should" be ok - keep an eye on the temperature of the regulators.

    Good luck and keep us informed.


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