I'm looking to run multiple instances of Squeezeplay with different MAC addresses, UUIDs, and alsa playback devices.

I fired up /opt/squeezeplay/bin/squeezeplay.sh, it created ~/.squeezeplay/userpath/settings/. I then made copies of /opt/squeezeplay/ and ~/.squeezeplay/userpath/settings/. For each copy of /opt/squeezeplay/, I changed /opt/squeezeplay/share/jive/jive/AppletManager.lua where it does "getuserpath", and changed the "/settings" string to the copied /settings folder for each instance.

This worked for different audio outputs, but when I made up different MAC addresses, they still operated as if they had the same identity to the server. I changed the UUID for each, and they wouldn't connect to the server.

How does that initial UUID get generated? Is that during the build process, or at first launch? Is it based on something specific?