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Thread: AAX Files

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    We don't and almost certainly never will support Audible files. IMO I can't see the point. Use your iPod/iPhone for audio books, who listens to books on their living room stereo?

    I was going to leave a private message as a courtesy. But as this system does not provide that, I'll need to leave my thoughts here. I'm not sure to what degree your feedback is based on your personal opinion or that of your employer, but I find it an arrogant strategy to take; one that alienates loyal customers, like myself.

    You may not be able to see the point of supporting Audible.com files. But those of us that download Audible product and use our Squeezebox to listen to audiobooks certainly do. And, looking through this forum, I can see that its a topic that has been brought up more than once. If Logitech chooses to remain unresponsive to the legitimate needs of its customers, then perhaps we would be wise to take your advice. We can reward Logitech for its horrible customer care by refraining to purchase ANY Logitech product in the future, share our experience with family and friends, and start doing business with Apple instead.

    Clearly, I am interested in a different outcome, otherwise I wouldn't be taking the time to write this. And that outcome would be for Logitech to do what it should have long ago without customer prodding: the ability to play Audible content on Squeezebox. I look forward to your feedback and/or that of upper management.


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    Audible Audiobook on Squeezebox

    Yeah, it's the DRM who gets in the way. Whether Apple Music, iTunes audiobook, or Audible audiobook, they are all DRM-ed. The only way to play them on Squeezebox it to use some kind of DRM Audio Converter, for which I use TunesKit Audio Converter. This kind of tool can convert the audiobooks or songs to MP3 or other common formats.

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