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    Show only FLAC if FLAC and MP3 exist?

    In many folders we have songname.mp3 AND songname.flac. We keep the .mp3 for backwards compatibility with players that can't support FLAC and/or 24bit.

    What I would like is a way (without creating two libraries, separate folders, etc.) for our SB units to display only one appearance of songname - obviously giving preference to the higher quality version (the .flac in this case) rather than seeing two appearances of songname in the music list.

    Is this possible? Thanks.

    I am considering moving us off our Sonos installations to SB Touch + Duet Controller combinations (I bought one pair and have it installed now for experimenting).

    We are running our server on a ReadyNas NVX.

    My only reason for considering moving away from our Sonos gear is Sonos's continuing inability to support 24bit content. I understand that this limitation is inherent in the protocol Sonos uses, so I don't imagine support for 24bit is coming to Sonos anytime soon.

    Anyway... one important point is whether I can figure out a convenient way to manage the FLAC vs MP3 content sensibly.

    We have a mid-size library of approx 11k songs. About 10% (so far) is FLAC - most 16bit, some 24bit. So it's enough songs to make manual management a hassle.

    Thanks, Karl

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    Welcome. Unfortunately there isn't a way at present to easily do what you want. Many (actually I would guess most of us) deal with the situation you describe by having parallel libraries/folder structures. For example, I have one top-level folder for FLACs, another top-level folder with MP3 copies of those tracks that I keep for portable players, and a third top-level folder that has tracks that I have only in MP3. This third folder is seamlessly available to the other two folders via a symlink. That way both LMS and the software that manages my portable library see my entire library, with no duplications.

    You're talking about making changes to the folder structure for about 1,100 tracks, which doesn't seem that onerous if you just chip away at it. But if you're looking for an automatic solution, it doesn't exist yet.

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    I maintain things exactly like aubuti.


    E:\Flac is my main library of 16-bit CD rips, plus some 24-bit content. All FLAC.

    F:\Mp3 is an exact mirror of the Flac library, maintained through a script that automates the process. The 24-bit FLACs end up as 16-bit Mp3s, and any 96 kHz files are downsampled. The LAME Mp3 encoder does both automatically.

    F:\Mp3other is Mp3 content from other sources such as downloads.

    For Squeezebox Server I can point the library at E:\Flac and F:\Mp3other. For portable players I load files from either Mp3 folder.

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    If your collection is 100% covered in both mp3 and FLAC there is a setting in LMS to ignore certain file types for example set it to *.mp3 and it will ignore them .

    There are probably good reasons for why there is no detect duplicates in in different formats function it looks easy when seeing one persons scheme and file structure but in a general case what criteria to use for " the same file" it will be an endless bickering bugfest .

    So the user has to actually separate the FLAC and mp3 content .


    OnlyMp3 ( for stuff that has no FLAC counterpart )

    For example and only scan the two top alternatives
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    Quote Originally Posted by KarlBlomquist View Post
    ***********In many folders we have songname.mp3 AND songname.flac.
    I have the same in my library.

    I add "(flac)" to the end of the ALBUM tag which allows me to pick the flac or mp3 version when both exist in the same directory.

    I also find this helpful when using my player in the garage as it doesn't have a strong wireless signal and rebuffers constantly playing flac. I can easily select the mp3 version to play with this setup.

    You do end up with 2 album entries when browsing.

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    Ok thanks everyone.... I was initially hoping there was some variant of custom scan or custom browse that could do it - I'm still getting up to speed on SBS.

    Looks like I have some reorganizing to do... as you mentioned, it's not a terrible amount of work - just need to do it and then keep up with it.

    PS. I do note that SONOS can not do this either... so it's not like we're going backwards here. At least the Touch/Controller can play 24/96.

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    I have the same problem

    I have a Vortexbox that automatically mirrors FLAC files with MP3, streaming through a Squeezebox Duet system. Oddly, some of the albums appear in duplicate while others do not. If I search for music through "Music Folder" I can separate out the FLAC folder from the MP3 folder, but I would love to know if someone knows an easier way (so, for example, if I searched for Artists or Albums, I did not get duplicate files of every album.

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    I am really new to the touch, but what I have done to seperate flac and mp3 duplicates ,is to edit album and artist by putting aa in front of original artist and album names .All my flac music can be found alphabetically by album and artist, it just has aa before it.

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