Hi again,

Since I didn't manage to build the correct firmware, I've tried modifying the firmware we are using now (7.5.1).

What I did was to unzip the .bin file, mount root.cramfs, copy the files there to a new r/w folder. Some of the folders in the mounted image, it says are hardlinks to /etc/default, which doesn't get copied, so I've made them manually in the new folder, as symlinks to etc/default. The proc folder wont copy either, so this I've just made as a regular folder. (have tried it as a symlink to etc/default as well). I've made sure all the files are owned by root, so uid/gid = 1. To make sure there are no other missing files (other hardlinks that didn't get copied or /dev files or whatever) I've done a "find .|wc -l" and it says 3059 lines both in the original and my folder.

After thus I edit some files (just testing, changing some strings in strings.txt), and version number in /etc/squeezeos.version.

Then I mkcramfs, get the new md5 and update the md5 file, and zip the files to a new custom.baby.bin. Also I've updated custom.baby.version.

This makes the server send the new firmware to the Radio, where I accept and it downloads nicely. After this however, it hangs on bootup, the display says "Restoring factory settings" or something like that. I've waited a long time, and it doesn't go away..

Luckily I get the previous fw back, by pressing the REW button on bootup

Does anyone know why this doesn't work?