On Saturday 23 October 2004 18:33, Richard Purdie wrote:
> Having tried and failed to persuade Slim Devices to build an in-car version
> of the SliMP3/Squeezebox, I was forced to take matters into my own hands
> . I've managed to build a system which works in-car and runs the standard
> SlimServer software.
> Have a look at http://www.rpsys.net/myc3/ for more info.

How does it handle loss of power? Is it permanently connected to the car
battery? I guess if you made the HD read-only or used journaling whilst its
in the car, it would handle power loss gracefully. You can also get ISO-slot
sized MiniITX cases, possibly this one:

You could even have a mini pc with a WLAN card in the boot, and have a normal
squeezebox up front, connected to the aux input of your head unit.