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    Power supply plug size??

    Different kind of question :-)

    I bought a SBR for the better half earlier this week, officially because I was a good hubby and thought that she'd like an easy, user-friendly radio to have downstairs in her office so that she could listen to various stations without having to worry about static, the same old channels etc... (unofficially 'cause it looked cool).

    She now wants to bring it upstairs on the days that she's not working. Problem is that it's a pain in the aas to unplug it and bring the cord upstairs too. I'm wondering what the plug size is and if this is the right one...


    If it is I'll pick it up later today...


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    Bad idea

    [deleted post]
    ... I thought you meant the SBR while you probably meant the Radio.
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    Logitech spares are here:


    Can't discover spares at the US site! They must sell them, surely?
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    oops, my bad... I didn't realize that there could be different meanings for the acronym "SBR". I'm still getting used to the "mysq", "LMS", and "MSB"....

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    Works great. Cost was $19.99 cdn from Active Electronics here in Ottawa. It's from circuit-test and the model number is RPR-1801A1-P5

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