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    Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and BBC

    This is a really odd problem I have got. I have a squeezebox classic and a squeezebox radio. I run logitechmedia server 7.7.1 on a machine in my basement running Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS

    Everything works fine, except I cannot listed to BBC radio live on the squeezebox classic. (It works fine on the radio, and both will work with listen again).

    I have just installed logitechmediaserver 7.7.1 onto my laptop, and copied the config files off the server. My laptop runs Linux mint 12. When I do this, all works fine, and I can listen to the BBC live on my squeezebox classic.

    Is there any advice about how I can change my server so I can listen to the BBC?

    Many thanks

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    You are probably trying to play the AAC format which needs transcoding by the server for Classic but can be played natively by Radio and Touch.

    If you are running a 64 bit kernel then make siure you have installed the ia32-libs package which will enable LMS supports to run on a 64 bit kernel

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    Thanks very much

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