I have a Squeezebox 3 linked to a QNAPS NAS model TS-109 running Slimserver v6.5.4. I have used QPKG to get the QNAPS firmware version 3.3.1 Build 0823T.

1. I have lost access to Squeezenetwork on my SB3 - it hangs and goes back to scroll through the set up sequence. For a couple of years I have did have good access to internet radio set up on squeezenetwork. Fortunately my music collection does play well from the NAS through the SB3.
2. Internet radio is less accessible. Has AlienBBC been replaced ? I am being invited to sign up to iplayer but I don't know how to. Finding BBC radio is more difficult than it should be.
3. Is is possible to update my software to one of 7.x.x versions or is my equipment to old for this to be possible.
Hope you can help.