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    Quote Originally Posted by item_audio View Post
    Aaah! Now making more sense: I've frequented so many dimly-lit, hostile audio forums I've become too thick-skinned and sluggish myself to notice before today that this is a special place you've set up to mock off-brand & expensive things! Got it.

    Here we are trying to have a grown-up discussion about computer audio, while rubbing shoulders with topics about James Randi and ghosts (in the machine or otherwise).

    Enough said. If the idea of a cheaper Squeezebox that plays all file formats and radio stations at 32/384, with on-board storage, a nice display, wireless, headphone output, remote apps, and universal DAC compatibility ever appeals, they now do these great things called 'netbooks' you might want to check out!
    No you are not trying to have an adult discussion about audio. You are trying to sell a line of bullshit and snake oil, and using a rather superciliously faux-adult concern-troll persona to do so.

    In all seriousness, James Randi has never gotten involved with real engineering disciplines, only fields full of snake oil. Rather than complaining that he has been involved, you might want to reflect on why this is so. I've never seen him offer a prize for people who can test the speeds of two different cpus, or differentiate between the strength of two bridges.
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