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    Pls help to get perl script running

    Quote Originally Posted by wenkman View Post
    Hi there!
    I just found this great thread and was wondering if this still works?! I still have a squeezebox server (logitech media server) running for multi room audio and would love to see caller information on my squeezeplay display (running on the good old O2 joggler, "birds like wires"). Could anyone tell me, if this still works and how the installation is done? I have a quite new Fritzbox 7490.
    Thanks in advance!
    I also just found this thread and have the same/similar question:
    I got a step further - I could get the script to run (I have no idea about perl though...):
    By copying the script in the home folder on my birdslikewires Joggler (which runs my LMS) and executing "perl sbcm.pl" in that folder via putty.
    The script does run, but gives this error:
    "Sent player count ? to server
    Server replied: <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>405 Method Not Allowed</TITLE></HEAD>"

    So, when I call my home, it is recognized be the scipt - it states:
    "SIP0 - 0176xxxxx is calling
    Argument "<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>405 Method Not Allowed</TITLE></HEAD>" isn't numeric in numeric lt (<) at fbcm.pl line 82, <GEN0> line 1."

    But nothing on the player.

    Can anyone help?
    Or give ideas where to go from here?

    It does work and run well. Nice :-)
    My mistake: I had the wrong port entered in teh script (it does have ot be 9090 - I thought it needs to be 90000...)

    To get to to continue to run after closing putty, do this command to start it:
    "nohup perl fbcm.pl &"
    Last edited by slimhase; 2016-12-10 at 10:49. Reason: it runs! :-)
    My system:
    LMS 7.9 on modded Open Peak Joggler running Roobarbs SqueezePlay OS.
    1 x Slimp3
    5 x Squeezebox Classic
    1 x Controller
    2 x Squeeze Commander (on 2 rooted Nook Touch e-reader)
    X x Squeezeplay & Jivelites on various PC's & Laptops

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