I've got a script that I run as a scheduled task to verify FLAC files using their built-in checksums. The script is derived (well copied and modified) from this one (http://www.neilpopham.pwp.blueyonder.../flac-test.bat) with changes to email the results in case of a failure. I run this weekly via a Windows scheduled task.

I thought I'd share it here in case it's useful. It assumes one is using Windows Home Server 2011 (it gets the SMTP details from those given to WHS to use for the WHS alerts).

It starts with "FLAC-Verify-Task.cmd". Run this with the syntax specified in the file. "Task Name" is just a friendly name for the task (in case of multiple FLAC folders, etc.). It then logs some details and runs "FLAC-Verify.cmd".

The email alerting requires a text file with the SMTP server password in it (at "C:\ProgramData\FLAC-Verify\FLAC-Verify SMTP Password.txt"), assuming th SMTP servr requires authentication.

It will log results to "C:\ProgramData\FLAC-Verify\FLAC-Verify Log - TaskName.log".

The body of the alert email should be in a text file at "C:\ProgramData\FLAC-Verify\FLAC-Verify Alert Email Body.txt".

There's "FLAC-Verify Send Test Alert Email.cmd" which can be used to test the alerting.

It uses BLAT (http://www.blat.net/) to send the email.