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    LMS keeps shutting down - happens when turning off players

    I've been having nothing but trouble with my Squeezebox Boom and Duet (controlled via a Touch) since the server software changed to LMS. It's gotten to the stage where my other half wants them out of the house cos it just seems they have far too much hassle, which is a real pity as when they work they're great devices.

    I'm not a hardcore user so appreciate there may be extra steps I could take to get it working, but at the momement this is just a plea to help me get the basic functionality working again in a stable way.

    I posted a few weeks ago but didn't get much help so I've just been putting up with it but it's gotten to a point where I either fix the setup or get rid of the devices. I've upgraded to the latest LogitechMediaServer-7.7.2-33765-whs.msi build today in the hope that what appears (from other posts) to be a bug in LMS with it shutting down intermittently would be resolved by now given that it would seem reasonable to expect it to be treated as a top priority as a server that keeps crashing is a major issue, but if anything the problem seems worse in this latest build. The Touch has version 7.7.1 r9558.

    I'm not sure if it's coincidence, but it seems the server software stops running when I turn off either device. It also crashes at startup sometimes when I reboot my Windows Home Server, seems ok at other restarts. My collection has 30,000 tracks but it worked perfectly on earlier versions of the server software.

    I'd really appreciate any advice on how to get back to a stable setup, I don't use much of the advanced features so a link to a known stable earlier version would be appreciated.

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    All released versions are available at http://downloads.slimdevices.com

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    Thanks, I guess what I'm looking for is what is the most recent previous version known not to have this intermittent server shutdown problem? I'd revert to that if possible.

    Where can I check the status of this bug and possibly add details to it?

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    I'm not familiar with the bug, but you could use the search tools on the forum here and on bugs.slimdevices.com to find out more.

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    You are having an issue that I cannot help you solve. Perhaps others will chime in w questions that will lead to a solution.

    You ask where you can check the status of this bug, but because you are having a problem does not mean that a bug has been officially posted. You can check here http://bugs.slimdevices.com/buglist....gs.slimdevices

    You may also want to post here at the official Logitech forum to see if they can help as well-http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Squeezebox/ct-p/squeezebox

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    Have you installed any third party plug-ins?
    If so, remove all and see if the problem goes away.

    Have you checked the logs for any messages occuring before the failure?
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    L.M.S. Shutting Down

    I am using L.M.S. version 7.7.1. on a Windows Home Server. I do not keep the the server running for 24/7, simply because, it's a fanless setup and the casing runs warm all the time and very warm in the summer.
    I have found that 7.7.0 and 7.7.1 have a possible problem; after a rescan of music, for either a change in the music files or an addition of new music.
    Having completed the rescan, which is very quick, the L.M.S. continues to run normally. However, if the W.H.S. is shut down or has to have a re-start, the L.M.S. will not restart on bootup, even though no changes have been made to the L.M.S. settings. At the worst, I have had to carry out a full re-install of L.M.S., at the best I have had to do two restarts of the W.H.S., the first being changing the automatically start on boot up to "don't restart automatically" and the second restart with a return to "start automatically..." That can sometimes return the L.M.S. to it's original settings.
    There is no error log, because the L.M.S. just does not start.
    I have a music library of over 30,000 tracks and the rescan of music is normally very quick. Any changes made are for additional music or house-keeping of the installed music.
    This problem has only occurred since the change to L.M.S. I assumed it was a problem with my W.H.S. setup, but it may well be a bug as it's similar to what is described in this thread.
    I don't find it annoying, it's almost predicatable now. I keep a fresh install of L.M.S. on my home computer, so that I can re-install quickly. I don't normally lose any third party plug-ins or other settings.

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