I'd really appreciate someone w/ knowledge of SB internals taking a shot at this:

After I diagnosed failed player -- bad power converter when under load -- replaced converter and to my delight, everything seemed to be fine... Until I discovered that the streamed music is stuck at 0:00. Aside from that, everything appears to be fine.

All menus and UI work. Wireless connectivity is fine. Player connects to my PC-hosted SqueezeServer or mysqueezebox.com. Content is browsable, library and internet... Like I said, it all seems fine until you hit the play button. When I hit play the player display briefly shows the buffering progress, then...........when you expect to hear something... Nada. The progress is stuck at the beginning of the song, and never changes. When connected to an internet radio station, after buffering, the VU meter display shows a static sample of the music; if I hit play button again, it re-buffers and shows VU meter levels for a new sample... But remains stuck on that sample.

I've tried 'factory reset' and 'Xilinx reset'. No change.

Very frustrating, as it seems that all but one little piece (albeit a very crucial piece) works. I'm hoping that one of you developers will say "I see what is happening", and hopefully have a fix for me. Thanks for your interest and help.