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    Best SBT plugins??

    curious as to what the forum members here are using, considering indispensable?
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    Line In and Line Out (for Boom).
    Switch player.
    Random Mix.

    Those are the ones that are more or less indispensable for me, the rest I can live without... sort of.

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    dynamic playlists
    SQL Playlists

    With these I can create very customized random playlists from very large numuber of tracks (10 or 20 thousand tracks might meet the criteria of the list).

    Even for something very basic (play random from ALL songs in my library, but don't play any song I've played in the last, say, year.

    SbS/LMS doesn't play nice with super large playlists being loaded up all at once. These plugins, create the playlist in the background but only add a few songs at a time to the "active" playlist. So SbS/LMS thinks it is playing a 10 song playlist (so doesn't choke) but in reality one could be playing a 25,000 song playlist.
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    Custom Browse, Multilibrary, and Hide Menus for separating classical music from popular music and customized browsing menus for same.

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    last.fm audio scrobbler, if you're into that kind of thing

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