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    Pioneer enters the arena

    Pioneer debuts N-30 and N-50 networked audio players

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    No ALAC or AIFF support according to the one-sheet from Pioneer. Which is a rather large drawback for a fair % of their intended market.


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    airplay, dlna

    So, Looks more like a stereo component than the transporter. Not sure that's a good thing vs. touch.

    I'm nonplussed about the DLNA support - I can't really understand who would prefer dlna over a native squeezebox/LMS client.

    AirPlay, however... (and I've read the previous threads)

    I'd love to see a Touch with ability to send audio to arbitrary wireless sounds sources. I'd love for my radios to be able to send STEREO to nearby stereo wireless speakers.

    Also, while I wouldn't really care, a bet a lot of people would like to use airplay for iphone/ipod/ipad audio playback to squeezebox -- I suppose one *could* do this today in a roundabout with an airplay server on Linux and redirecting audio to LMS...


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