The Squeezebox (and Slimp3) are fine products. Just be aware that the
wireless access isn't always the best. I have my network set up as a
wireless only (no choice, I'm not going to rewire my house). The
wireless works just fine "most of the time". but sometimes the music
just stops. I have isolated it to times when a packet doesn't get
through, and since the handshake is not very robust, it doesn't
restart, I have to manually restart the music by by pressing the ->->
button on the remote.

I have two Squeezebox, and one Slimp3, I just wish something could be
done about the keep alive.

Some folks are going to say "my wireless works just fine". Well, good
for them, mine doesn't and I don't see a fix in sight, I guess I'll
just live with it. I just wish there was a device that works like
Squeezebox/Slimp3, but is more reliable with wireless, maybe someday