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    SB touch disrupts other wireless connections

    I have been happily using my Squeezebox touch in conjunction with my previous802.11g router. It shared connections with about 5 other wireless devices with no issues.

    I have recently upgraded to a D-Link DIR_655 "Xtreme N" gigabit router, with the same devices. The squeezebox connects just fine (white power button). The other devices work fine when I am not playing music. However, as soon as I start to stream music through the squeezebox, strange things begin happening with the other devices - connection drops, etc. In addition, I do not have stable connections with the squeezebox server either... the music sometimes stops even though it does not show the wireless link as being down. but.. take that with a grain of salt, as it could be an undiagnosed server problem.

    Here are some of the more obvious wireless settings I am using on my router:

    -Mixed 802.11g / n mode
    -Auto channel scan off (channel 4, have tried others)
    -Transmission rate - best
    - 20 MHZ only (vs. 20/40)
    - WPA2 only mode

    Does anyone have any ideas of what is going on? I have not tried 802.11g only mode yet, though that would be painful indeed - essentially tossing the purchase I had made, and its benefits to the other computers.

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    Well, g mode is the final test - so you may as well try it!
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    I'd recommend also checking if there is a firmware update for the router, as well as checking D-Link's forums (assuming they have them) to see if this is a common complaint. Just because it's new doesn't mean it's fault-free.

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    Checked for duplicate IP's? Server computer wired?

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    Thank you all for your suggestions - I promise to try your ideas soon, post back anything I find. I certainly don't think there are any significant interfering networks - only a DECT 6.0 phone system (1.9 GHz). But... will continue to experiment, thanks for your collective help!


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    DECT 6.0 causes no problems for me. So that's not likely it.
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