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    Triode Spotify Plugin on QNAP TS 209 II. Will it work?

    Sorry, if this question is covered elsewhere, but there seems to be many different aspects to this question. Mine is simple: Can this work at all?

    I'm running a Squeezebox Server 7.5.2 which is the last version accepted by the not-modded version of SSOTS 4.9.1.

    The Triode Spotify plugin Helper App will say it's "running", although it will quickly turn to "Not running".

    Either way - I can't access my Spotify Premium Account e.g. Playlists.

    So is it possible at all to run the plugin on the TS 209II? Have any of you done it and how? Will it help to use a mod-version of SSOTS and a newer server or what is the trick? I've used so many hours on this already.

    Thank you and excuse my english

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    Thumbs up Triode Spotify Plugin on QNAP TS 209 II - got it working


    It took me some time and a few hacks, but I just got the triode Spotify 2.0.4 plugin working on my QNAP TS 209 pro II running Logitech Media Server (v7.7.1, r33735).

    1. Installed Logitech Media Server via LogitechMediaServer_7.7.1R2_arm-x09.qpkg (details on QNAP forum).
    2. Installed triode Spotify 2.0.4 according to instructions in this forum.
    3. Changed /share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/LogitechMediaServer/var/home/SqueezeboxServer/Plugins/Spotify/Bin/arm-linux/spotifyd and spotifydnoflac to executable (chmod +x <file>)
    At this moment I still got error message when starting from Logitech Media Server (error while loading shared libraries: libspotify.so.8: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)
    4. Resolved this error by putting a symlink to these files in /lib (in /lib: ln -s /share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/LogitechMediaServer/var/home/SqueezeboxServer/Plugins/Spotify/Bin/arm-linux/libspotify.so.8 libspotify.so.8, also for libFLAC.so.8)

    It now works fine for me ... hope this helps you as well.
    QNAP TS-209 pro II (firmare version 3.3.1 build 0823T)
    1 x wireless SB3
    1 x wireless Boom

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