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    Dont want my audiobooks


    How can I block that my audiobooks in itunes are also listed on the squeezebox? I do not want to listen to audiobooks via SB.


    Edit: Tried to Disabled Audio File Extensions: epub, m4b, m4a in file type settings. Then I can not play the files but the are still listed. Did a full rescan but still there.
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    I recently moved mine (on disk) outside of my music folder. Didn't make sense for them to be under music anyway. I don't use iTunes integration with LMS, though.
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    If you left iTunes organise your music files then they are out side your music folder. Just reference LMS to the deeper music folder, rather than the higher one, ie in my setup all my media is on the Z: drive but that is then partitioned into Z:\Audiobooks, Z:\Music etc. by iTunes.


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    Still I do not get it. Sorry!

    I use iTunes to synchronize music and eBooks to my ipad. And I use it for my LMS. Now my (I think simple question) is how can I avoid having audiobooks to be listed on my Touch? I use it for music and not for listening audiobooks.

    Any suggestions are welcome!

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    Then you should welcome Chunkywizard's suggestion. If you are using "iTunes integration" in LMS, turn it off. Then under LMS's Settings > Basic Settings tab, point LMS to the folder that has your music. If the audiobooks folder is inside the music folder, then move it out of the music folder to a higher level, and tell iTunes you've moved it.

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    Thanks. I unchecked LMS under tab iTunes: use iTunes. Moved the audiobooks out of the iTunes folder. iTunes automatically followed the audiobooks to the new place. Then I had also to move some audio compilations out of the compilation directory of iTunes.

    But when I add a new audiobook to iTunes it will add again to the old place I guess. Where do I configure/tell iTunes to use for audiobooks the other directory?


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