>You can use a web browser to the slim server to control what you are
listening to, and you can connect to an MP3 stream on the server using
software on the PDA which supports streaming MP3 if
>you want to listen on the PDA itself.
>I think that this is *usually* add in software, not players which are free

with the PDA, but I'm not an expert on this.

To correct my mistake I'll add that on PocketPC you can use Windows media
player to listen to the stream, it's incuded with every PDA. On PalmOS I
looked for some player capable of playing network streams this spring but
couldn't find any. Maybe some has been released since.
On any Linux PDA (Yopi...) You will find many applications to do this.

I have no experience on running Softsqueeze on a linux PDA but that seems
the most appropriate OS to do so.