I use an SMC2804WBR for exactly this purpose and it works fine. Based on
the SMC pages:

WEP - 128 bit with pre-shared ascii key. WPA is disabled.

SSID was enabled to aid discovery but is now disabled, Long range 11b&11g,
gNitro - enabled (although I'm not sure that I meant that), Transmit - auto,
Channel 11.


V1.00.007.1 2004.03.11



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Hello All,

I have a SMC 2804WBR Barricade wireless B/G AP/router. I have been unable
to get the Squeezebox to find the wireless network. If I disable WEP on the
router then everything works fine. I know that the key is correct and I
have tried both 64 and 128 bit WEP. I have not figured out how to set the
SMC router to use "shared" authentication vs. "open". I belive that the
problem is that the SMC is only running in "open" mode. Is there any
updates as to when the Squeezebox will support "open" mode with WEP? Does
anyone know how to convince an SMC Barricade router to work in "shared"
authentication mode.