When I was in college, I set up a car stereo in my
dorm room using an old Coleco Adam Computer 12V power
supply with a Blaupunkt Car Stereo head unit and 20W

You could inexpensively use a car stereo amplifier
coupled with a 110 to 12V transformer. You'll need
an outlet to supply the Slimp3, so another transformer
nearby won't be too much of a hardship.

Here are a couple of examples from e-bay of what could

7.5 Amp Power Supply:

Car Stereo Amplifier:

It would take a bit of DIY, but it's an inexpensive
approach and the car stereo amps are really small and
sealed to be worry free.

A couple of issues that you'd need to consider:

1. Ventilation -- Bigger amps need to be kept cool.
Don't go crazy.
2. Power Switching: Car amps usually get their on/off
signal from the head unit that either has a switch
itself, or turns off when you shut off the ignition.
I haven't found a car amp that is smart enough to shut
off when it doesn't get an audio signal from the
head-unit. If you take this approach, let me know
what you did for a solution. Maybe there's an x10
outlet switch that can be controlled automatically.

One alternative that I've also looked into myself are
Audiosource amps. These are full sized power amps
that have an auto on/off feature which would work well
with a slimp3. Trouble is that they are bigger so
they'd need to be housed somewhere besides the wall.
That said, they will let you power much bigger
speakers than an in-wall amp unit. Those little guys
are usually about 10W per channel and not inexpensive.

Audiosource amps are often available on eBay. Here's
a sample of one that sold recently for about $100:



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in-wall mounted?

Hi, I have 5 Slimp3 devices. I love them, however I am
now moving into my own house and are building in the
Slimp3 devices into the walls in the rooms. Pretty
neat, also I have in-wall speakers in the rooms.

However, I now need some sort of amplifier between the
Slimp3 and the speakers(unless someone can find powerd
in-wall speakers), could anyone please suggest such a
amplifier(I would need 5 amplifiers soo the price is a
issue). It must be a small (and rather simple)
amplifier that can be hidden completely behind/inside
the wall.


Matt Nadler
34 West 74th Street,
Apt. 2C
New York, NY 10023
t. 212-579-2555
c. 646-418-3455

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