OK, so that's not really in the right order.

I am resurrecting my old SB1, which suffered from lack of use due to klugey controls (remote or computer only). But now I see there's an iPad app which may give this thing new life.

Anyhow, I understand that this cannot connect directly to mysqueezebox.com to use all those cool apps without a computer. But can I get mysqueezebox apps to work *with* the "Logitech Media Server"?

If I select "Music Source" from the web server menu, I'm offered two choices: "Please select the music source you'd like to connect your player to": My music library, and "mysqueezebox.com". Aha, I'm thinking, I can use the media server as a proxy to stream from pandora, and it will forward the stream to my SB1. BUT, when I click on the "mysqueezebox.com" link, it just takes me to the mysqueezebox.com site. I've surfed around, and can't see any way to start the app streaming to the local server. AHA, now when I go to the SB1, it says "sorry, requires a new slingblox" (or something like that; it's downstairs). Sorta similiar to another recent thread.

Anyhow, I can stream internet radio through to the SB1 just fine- I think that- using my PC of course- I should be able to get the Pandora stream through.