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    Players powering up randomly

    I have four players in a synched group - SB3, Touch, Boom and Radio. I often find that after starting one of them playing, one of the other players starts playing as well, even though all are set to 'Power off/on separately' in the synch settings.

    It is very difficult to diagnose any sort of pattern to this behaviour, because I'm not always aware when one of the players starts up by itself - the Touch and SB3 only make a sound if their respective amps are powered up, and the Radio is upstairs in a bedroom with its volume set quite low. Usually it is some time after starting up a player that I will wonder into another room and notice that another player is on too. However, to try and troubleshoot this I've started checking the other players when I start one up, assuming I remember to do so.

    What I think I've noticed is that the Radio is the most likely to come on when another player starts, and it does so as soon as that other player starts. If I then turn the Radio off, it seems to stay off regardless of what I do to the other players within the next few minutes. But if I come back to one of the other players later on and select a new playlist, change the volume etc, there's a good chance that the Radio will come back on. It's as though there is a 'reset' period.

    At first I wondered whether iPeng was the culprit, since that is my main method of controlling all my players, but after seeing my Radio power up by itself when turning on the Touch from its touch screen I think I can let iPeng off the hook.

    EDIT: Confirmed - all players off, iPeng unloaded from background in my iPhone, web interface tab closed on my browser. Powered up the Touch from its touch screen and the Radio started playing. Turned the Radio and Touch off, and now, within the next few minutes, the Radio is staying off. I'll have to try longer and longer gaps to see how long it takes for this behaviour to return. Also, synched players are all now set to resume playback on power up, but this behaviour (Radio powering up and playing) was present even when they were set to power up paused.

    Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

    LMS 7.7.0 (although this was happening in 7.5.something too)
    OS X 10.6.8 on a Mac Mini
    All players connected wirelessly to an Airport Extreme router, server wired
    iPeng 1.4.3 running on iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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