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    Unhappy Linear compensation type power supply

    I have to find a chart of this type of power supply and some information, but google dont find nothing. Probably im typing it wrong or something coz i just directly translated all words from my language so there could be the problem. I just want to know what is this power supply's real name in english so i can find information about it.

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    I have never heard the term "Linear Compensation" for a power supply. There are two basic types of power supply, Linear and switching. Switching are more efficient, and are used in most of the small brick type power supplies for laptop computers and such. The stock supply that comes with the Squeezebox Touch is a switcher. Linear supplies are sometimes used becuase they are quieter. This is not always so. Sometimes switchers will be quieter, but some people want linear supplies anyway.
    There are several threads here on the Squeezebozx Forum that talk about linear supplies that people use with the Touch.


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