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    SBT after lightning - repair (I hope so)

    I had a bad luck, my SBT got an electric shock from lightning.
    It fried PSU but I had the second PSU working, so I tried to power up my SBT - without success.
    Below you can see what I have found, U16, U18 and U20 are dead for sure.
    I have no idea what else, maybe that is all.
    Over the internet I found some pictures of this board and what I have found is:
    U16 - 0B2Y
    U18 - 0B9A (or 4)
    U20 - 3A2FC

    To be honest I couldn't realize what are these symbols.
    I have some experience with electronics, but it is rather old school with tubes and big transistors.

    Can anyone help?
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